• A mechatronic conference presenting the Dedalus project and its micro performances at zero gravity as well as the Transpermia theory

    Using the Space Station as a metaphor, Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca has developed a hybrid show alternating performance, concert and lecture. It is structured in different modules. During the show Antunez wears his Dreskeleton (an exoskeletal body interface) and with it he samples, activates and modulates sounds as well as controlling the films projected on two screens.
    In the first module he presents some of the mechanical aspects characteristic of his work such as the Fleshbots, the Dreskeletons, the Biometries and the Systematurgy.
    The second module takes us through recurrent images in his work.
    The third module reveals the end result of the process of preparation for the Dedalus project in Star City in the Russian Federation as well as the micro performances that were carried out during periods of microgravity provided by the parabolas. In these micro performances we witness the Requiem bodybot experiment and the interaction between the dreskeleton, the softbot and the interactive films.
    The last module presents the Transpermia theory and at this point the performance becomes more like a conference. Antunez proposes a new landscape for a Utopia called Transpermia. He describes some of his prototypes organized in 4 sections:
    1 Interface: new devices with which to perceive the world and take part in it
    2 Robots: machines as metaphors for life
    3 Fleeting Identities: transitory states of personality as a setting for new experiences and knowledge
    4 New Creations: models of activity in the Transpermia Utopia

    Produduced by: Panspermia S.L., Ars Catalyst (MIR project), Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte-INAEM, ICUB- Ajuntament de Barcelona, Departament de Cultura Generalitat de Catalunya.