• Decomposition process of a flesh statue until it reveals the skeleton on which a poem has been written

    This installation is initially made up of two systems: one biological and the other technological.
    The biological system reveals the decomposition process of a sculpture made of beef and pig meat representing a human body. The decomposition process involving the usual microbes is accelerated by a troop of insects, zophoba larvae. The figure is sealed inside an airtight metacrylate cabinet so as to avoid unpleasant smells in the room. The display cabinet is also ventilated by a system of fans that bring in and extract air out of the exhibition area. The frame that holds up the flesh is a metal skeleton upon which the words of a poem have been soldered. The poem by J.V.FOIX reads "Es quan dormo que hi veig clar / Foll d'una dolÁa metzina."(1)
    The technological system consists of a camera and a computer and enables the sequential recording of photos to be transformed into a film that displays the process of decay and putrefaction. This film is shown in the exhibition room.
    Metzina was presented in Mapa Poetic from the 8 to 23 June in the Sala Metronom in Barcelona.
    (1)"When I sleep I see clearly / Crazy with a sweet poison."