• Film made by Aixalà and Marcel.lì Antúnez in 1993

    Retrats is a short film dealing with one of the oldest themes in painting and photography: the Portrait.
    The film is a series of film portraits with no apparent continuity in the storyline. It is based on the linking together of eight sections each featuring a different character.
    The rhapsodical character, the dancer, mamporrera, the possessed woman, the recluse, the sarcastic man, paridor (the man who gives birth) and the singer are portrayed in extreme situations in which solitude is the protagonist. The result is a strangely poetic film steeped in irony.
    Retrats is 20 minutes long and was filmed in 35mm. It was the first film Aixal‡ and Marcel-lÌ made together. Their working relationship dates from the Fura dels Baus' early works, Accions, Suz/o/Suz and Tier Mon, when Aixal‡ made the video clips for these performances. They continued working together and made the 16mm film which was included in the performance Rinolacxia by the Rinos.
    Retrats opened in the Cine Texas in Barcelona in 1993.

    Produced by M. Antúnez, J.M. Aixalà, Pepo Sol & Ovideo.