• Systematurgy Book. New Marcel·lí's book.

    Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca (born in Moià in 1959) is internationally renowned for his activities in mechatronic performances and his interactive installations. From his earliest days as founder of the firm La Fura dels Baus in 1970, Marcel·lí has assembled his own special universe of interests, to which he has contributed (among other things) his interest in Outsider Art, the trends of the 1960s, technology, science, comics and popular traditions. This personal universe is completed by his embracing of particular aspects of the human experience such as food, sex and death.

    For over two decades, the performance art that lies at the heard of Marcel·lí's work has been immersed in digital technology. During this time, he has developed a working procedure he has dubbed "Systematurgy"; a practice that is characterized by the concept of user participation. This book explains the concept of Systematurgy through a firt-person narrative that also offers us an insight into the genesis and form of projects ranging from JoAn, l'home de carn (1992) to the exhibition Systematurgy, Performances, Devices and Drawings, witch debuted at Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona and lends its title to this book. Included within these pages is a glossary of the artist's concepts, along with his manifestos and a full chronology of his artistic activities.