• Sergi Caballero, Pau Nubiola and Marcel.lÌ made up the collective Art Total Grup Los Rinos and their activities spanned many different fields

    Initially the collective was mainly involved in graffiti. The group painted bullseyes in public places and the concentric black and white circles became their logo. The bullseye moved to other media, such as the bodies of animals, leading to the bullseyeing of sheep and goats. They also created a headpiece topped by a bullseye which the Rinos wore as they walked through the streets. Lastly they designed and made up their own Rino suits, using a fabric printed all over with bulleyes. All this work was recorded in a publication containing photos of the graffiti and all the actions related to the bullseyes as well as the Rinos' opinions about art.
    From 1987 onwards the Rinos' activities extended to other areas. In May of the same year they carried out a large-scale mural painting called Atlas, in conjunction with the collective Gegant. The mural was painted on the side of a building in Barcelona by means of hanging down from a balcony. (This action would be repeated in 1990 in Yokohama, Japan.) In spring 1987 they presented a video performance called Rinosacrifici portraying the Rino's crude and domestic vision of sacrifice.
    In summer 1987 they showed their mural installation RinodigestiÛ in L'Hart in the city of L'Hospitalet (Barcelona). It comprised a system of interconnected wood and glass boxes containing organic material displaying the processes of decomposition and putrefaction. In spring 1988, the group performed their concert RinonovacanÁorap at KGB nightclub in Barcelona and in autumn they presented their performance Stomac Comunication at the Permutant festival in Copenhagen.
    In early 1990, the group started work on the performance Conferencia en RINOLACXIA 1991 which they presented in the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona in May 1991.
    Synopsis: The Rinos fall under the curse of the Caparlans and to free themselves from it, they have to bathe in the virgin semen of Sermarpau who is none other but a reincarnation of themselves in the shape of a pig. Margarina, Sermarpau's mother and lover, is a hindrance in their venture. Finally the Rinos free themselves from the curse and the Caparlans kill Death.
    Rinolacxia brings together a great deal of the group's characteristic elements and they are used in a critical, ironic and somewhat bitter dramatic work. Rinolacxia was performed in Spain, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and Italy and it was the Rinos last performance.