• Alsaxy

    ALSAXY is an interactive installation for all audiences, the product of a residence Marcel·lí Antúnez district of Hautepierre in Strasbourg, France.

    Alsaxy is something extraordinary in Hautepierre. It is a CORTÈGE, a large procession, a parade, a walk around the neighborhood with parts of a great body. These parts are called Karine, Catherine, Eleonore, Brigitte and Jacqueline, as the urban meshes of Hautepierre. Everyone goes to the Cortege and there we discover the secrets of the neighborhood such as: who is inside the MEGAFISH, what are the wishes and desires of KIOSK, what is ARKIGNOL and end the tour with BATAMAILLE.

    Technically, the installation displays a screen 8 meters wide by 2'75 meters high, allowing users interaction varied with different interfaces such as Boxcam, tapestries sensors or Micam.

    The installation will be presented for the first time at Le Shadok in Strasbourg on October 22nd 2015 until January 16th 2016. ALSAXY is title of the exhibition, which includes a collection of devices and installations made by the artist.