• MILCAPS [One thousand Heads] Collaborative Installation


    Milcaps is a collaborative installation comprising one hundred and seventy polychromed heads attached to a wooden structure of 4 metres height by 4 metres lenght and a base of 3 metres of width. This is a collaborative work between Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca and a group of people with mental health disorders, baccalaureate students and other volunteers.

     Milcaps departs from a basic idea: to bring together a large number of collaborators and by applying a simple technique, that is, to produce sculptures of a head with different faces. The faces are incredibly informative. A simple gaze can reveal a lot about the identity, the circumstances or the emotions of an individual. The physiogomy of a person can be recognised in strange positions, in unfocused photographs or even in caricatures. Similarly, the face represented reflects one’s state of mind or a moment in time… in this way, the faces of MIlcaps reveal something about each of the individuals who have produced them. The production technique consists of attaching various recycled plastic bottles with adhesive tape and placing them at the end of a wooden stick. These are covered with cotton fabric and adhesive. Once it has dried out, the sculpture is painted. Each head has various faces painted on it, in some cases, up to four, consequently multiplying the number of faces. Upon completion of this process, the sculptures are placed in a structure, a kind of ephemeral monument. Milcaps is an extraordinary ephemeral monument exhibited in a public space, a wonder to all.

    Milcaps has been installed in the courtyard of the old La Modela prison, in Enteça Street, as part of the exhibition  ‘L’art irreductible. Miratges de l’Art Brut’. The installation has also been shown at the General Hospital of Mataró and it will be burned on the 24th of June of 2019 at the Mataró beach.

    Milcaps is part of a series of specific-site works, where different collectives are invited to participate in the process of creation of a work of art. With this installation, Antúnez intends to establish a dialogue that allows for the exchange, identification and transmission of knowledge, as well as the production of works of large format.

    Col·laboradors: AlterArte, Hospital de Mataró, Les Corts Centre d'Higiene Mental, Escola la Llotja, Instituts Puig i Cadafalch, Santa Anna i Satorras de Mataró i Facultat de Belles Arts de Barcelona. 

    Patrocinadors: Ajuntament de Mataró