9 February 2021

    Interview with Marcel.lí Antunez, one of the most recognized artists in Spain in the use of digital technologies in the field of mechatronic performance and installation. Among many other things, he was also co-founder of the Fura dels Baus and the Los Rinos collective. Let yourself be carried away and enter the universe of this great artist.


    23 January 2021

    Marcel·lí Antúnez is a world-renowned Catalan artist. With multiple prizes from Japan to Canada, including two Ciutat de Barcelona awards, he is well-known for using digital technology in his performances, exhibitions and installations. He was one of the founders of La Fura dels Baus and its artistic coordinator in its most successful and groundbreaking years. Enjoy!

  • METROPOLIS-XTRA Marcel·lí Antunez Interview

    22 September 2020
    Metropolis includes new content in metropolis –XTRA to complete the monographic chapter dedicated to the artist Marcel·lí Antúnez, a long version of the exclusive interview that he offered us in his Barcelona studio on February 20, 2020.


    21 September 2020
    Known for his interactive installations and for being the founder of the mythical theater company "La Fura dels Baus", Marcelí Antúnez is one of the figures of international action art. Performance, drawing and technological and scientific research merge in his Transdisciplinary cosmology to reflect on universal concerns: the body, food, sex and death. An imaginary of its own that in recent years has been even more open to community work. This monograph has been shot in the Barcelona studio of Marcel · Lí and different locations where the artist's latest exhibition projects were developed. In his study, he gave us a detailed interview in which he delves into his biography. From a young age, he was interested in both Fine Arts and biology and stood out for his talent for drawing. “For me, thinking is drawing, or drawing is thinking” -the artist tells us. His immersion in the alternative Barcelona scene of the 80s was key to developing a fluid way of conceiving creation in relation to the arts of the body . In the 80s, Barcelona was a cultural hotspot and Marcel·lí opted for the interrelation of several disciplines: "Theater, performance, opera, dance, are meeting places for the arts" - he tells us. a powerful theatrical scene that understood art as a way of life. In that spirit, joined by the transgressive influence of punk, Antúnez conceived La Fura dels Baus (1979-1989) first, and later: Los Rinos (1985-1992), one of the most explosive and influential performance collectives in the world. In the 90's, Marcel·lí Antúnez is also, already alone, one of the promoters of technological performance and his original interactive actions and installations have made him a figure in the post-humanist performative scene international.