• ‘Duramater’, work in progress film.

    ‘Duramater’ is the title of a film in which Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca works since 2010. The Project is currently in the rewriting script phase.

    In ‘Duramater’ the voice of Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca transport us into a tale that is at the same time the sum of many stories. We boarded on a trip to a mythical and extraordinary world midway between reality and dreams, featuring among others Melichón Chomolies and the wizard Cotrone. A journey full of stories of mythological memories packed of fantastic creatures, scientist and wises obsessed with extraordinary phonemes and eccentric disorders. A kind of strange and particular bestiary that offers us an ironic and critical view, radically subjective and fantastic of the contemporary reality and its more ancestral roots.

    There is a cinema of the magic and of the marvelous that arises from its very beginning. The pioneers, Georges Méliès or Segundo de Chomón, have spread their influence through the history of cinema in unique works as heterodox as extraordinary. Is about a primitive film looking that in its fantastic manufacture is not trying to hide the mechanisms that make up the representation gadgets, but show them in a deliberate and visible way.

    Thus, characterizations and costumes, special effects and decorations, performances and staging, explicit the illusory nature and the big evocative power. ‘Duramater’ intends to use some elements of this tradition, updating them with strategies, technologies and contemporary postulates.
    ‘Duramater’ has as a precedent the short film ‘El Peix Sebastiano’, recently produced and also the extraordinaire universe of the ‘Membranes’ (‘Protomembrana’, ‘Hipermembrana’, ‘Metamembrana’) created by Marcel.lí in the last five years. These works have emerged from an own working methodology which has as its main elements the drawing, the search of new ways of writing and the technological research especially in the field of interaction.

    During 2010, around ‘Duramater’ have resulted a 250 pages working book, the treatments of the film and one teaser whose images make reference to previous work of the artist.