• Activities Systematurgy at Arts Santa Mònica

    4 February 2014

    Schedule Activities:

    TUESDAY 4th of FEBRUARY, 7pm. Exhibition opening.

    FRIDAY, 14th of FEBRUARY, 7pm. Inaguration of Mural SADDi.

    FRIDAY, 21st of FEBRUARY, 8pm.  Performance PSEUDO(2012). Cloister.

    TUESDAY, 25th of FEBRUARY, 7pm. La Fura Preolímpica. Cloister. Projection of Ulele (1987) + debate with Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, Carlus Padrissa, Pere Tantinyà, Roland Olbeter and Quico Palomar.

    TUESDAY, 4th of MARCH, 7pm. L’esperit dels 90. Cloister. Projection of Rinolàcxia (1991), Retrats (1993), Frontón el hombre Navarro va a la Luna (1993); and the documentary Satèl·lits Obscens(1996/7) + Debate with Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, Josep Miquel Aixalà, Pau Nubiola, Sol Picó, Joan Simó and Sergi Caballero.

    FRIDAY, 7th of MARCH, 8pm. Poethic concert Membrana with Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, Guillamino and Núria Martínez Vernis. Cloister.

    FRIDAY, 14th of MARCH, 8pm. Performance Epizoo (1994). Cloister.

    SATURDAY, 15th of MARCH, 10am – 2pm and 4pm - 8pm. Conference. The challenge of the bodies. Dominique Chateau, Enric  Ciurans, Pilar Parcerisas, Pere Salabert, Barbara Verzini, Mercè Saumell and Jolanta Rekawek. Moderator: Tania Alba. Auditorium.

    FRIDAY, 21st of MARCH, 8pm. Performance Protomembrana (2006). Cloister.

    SUNDAY, 23rd of MARCH, 12pm. Performance ProtoPseudoKIDS (2006/12). Recommended for ages 5 and over. Cloister.

    FRIDAY, 28th of MARCH, 8pm. Performance Hipermembrana (2007). With Les Filles Föllen, Nacho Galilea and Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca. Cloister.

    FRIDAY, 4th of APRIL, 8pm. Performance Afàsia(1998). Cloister.